Keep your Photo Library location data in pristine condition by editing and fixing asset locations with simple interface built just for that.

Add locations to your old photos

Photos from older cameras are often missing location information. Also, photos taken with GPS-enabled cameras may still have location inaccuracies in their metadata. With Geotag, finding and fixing these photos is a simple task.

Your Photo Library on Map

Map takes a center stage in Get good visual overview where your photos are taken and use drag & drop to place your photos where they should be.

Favorite locations

Set up places where you take most of your photos, such as home or studio. Assigning locations to photos taken there is just a click away.

Create better memories

That Memories feature on we all love? It works even better when photos have locations associated with them. Photo Library creates specific location based memories when it has more geotagged photos available to use.

Safe by nature does not modify or delete images in Photo Library. Location data is stored in library metadata and can be reverted easily with "Revert to Original Location" feature in


Geotag was built out of personal need to easily modify asset locations in Photo Library. It was not built to receive any data from anyone.

The app does not contain third party libraries that might collect any data.

Geotag works just fine without a network connection. All modifications are synced through your Photo Library. With iCloud sync, your favorite locations are securely stored in your personal iCloud account and synced accross all your devices.